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Man's Custom Suites - European Custom Tailor


Custom Tailoring Made affordable

Featuring a traditional half-canvas construction, our stock Italian & English fabrics create a great custom suit made by our experienced tailors in Portugal, Europe. The perfect fabric selection for a tailored look at work, a casual weekend, or a special event, with pricing starting at $585 for a two piece suit.


We understand the challenges and frustrations of finding great fitting clothes. Our service is about finding the balance between your lifestyle, personal purpose and daily needs.

Choose from over 10,000 luxurious fabrics from world’s best fabric mills.

We help you craft the perfect custom suit – balanced between function and elegance.

Shown different design options (lapels, pockets, buttons etc) and recommended the right style for your purposes

Carefully measured via a combination of tape measurements and fitting suits to correctly ascertain proportion, posture and balance.

All the while relaxing in the comfort of a relaxed environment with a drink in hand, the first fitting takes roughly 90 minutes.

Allow 4 to 6 weeks, from first fitting, to walking out with your completed suit.


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