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To understand our philosophy we need to provide a little back story: the name Ferreira comes from a noble family of artisans, one of the oldest in Europe. The family’s origin is the Iberian peninsula (Portugal & Spain), the name declared the proud trade of a blacksmith. You may notice the similarity to other prominent family names “Ferrera” or “Ferrari”, the kinship that links these names is the same old-world ideology that drive an intense attention to detail; striving for superior craftsmanship.

We feel there is something about the long-standing quality craftsmanship of our ancestors that appeals to our core as humans. What is it that draws you to the past? For us, there is the draw of those that devoted their lives to honing their craft. We feel, that we haven’t completely outgrown their knowledge and processes with mankind’s technological advancements. The quality and devotion plied by hands of masters in their respective trades, and an approach that we feel places quality above quantity. This is our philosophy. The idea that, because there are so many goods in the market that are created to be disposable, some things deserve to be approached in a non-disposable way. We want to create for you items of exceptional and lasting quality – something of greater value. Because of our approach and our adherence to the art of tailoring – we are the only true European custom tailoring shop in Salt Lake City.

Custom Tailor

OUR STORYEduardo Xavier
European Custom Tailor

Ferreira started in Porto, Portugal where Eduardo’s mother was a seamstress – dressmaker and his father was a banker. Eduardo cultivated his passion for fashion – more specifically tailoring. “Arriving at the level of English and Italian Tailor’s was not easy” He says. It took studying at the Spanish School of Tailoring in Barcelona and had the opportunity to learn from one of the best Portuguese tailors in Porto, Portugal, Carlos Fernandes. Living and working in 6 countries, and multiple continents. His lifelong education ultimately brought him to Salt Lake City, UT. “After living in 6 different countries, 4 continents, Salt Lake City is by far my favorite. Nowhere in the world will you find more kind and giving people than Salt Lake City.” Eduardo’s style is influenced by the timeless traditions of European tailoring. These influences are seen throughout Ferreira’s offering. A canvassed suit coat as compared to one that is fully fused and a thinner shoulder pad to improve the outline and maintain a balanced silhouette.

What do we
Stand for?

We understand the challenges and frustrations of finding great fitting clothes. Our service is about finding the balance between your lifestyle, personal purpose and daily needs.
With 12 years of experience in Image consulting & custom tailoring. Not only we have a trained stylist, we also have a trained custom tailor in house.
We have great knowledge not only in fabrics but also an understanding of people and their lifestyles. A custom piece should only be custom made to you and no one else, that’s why every consultation is a different situation all-together.
We have a long standing reputation and quality of craftsmanship. Creating a custom tailoring requires a lot of skill, our tailor possesses this talent, and customers love our work. Check our +150 FIVE star google reviews
Having a custom piece specifically made for you requires us to be able to see your vision and not impose too much our own personal taste when creating the custom piece. We are able to help you craft your personal style and we only offer suggestions when it’s professionally needed.
If we source materials that are of lesser quality, you can guarantee your garments will come out the same way. We don’t use lower end materials and we source materials with high identified quality standards. Our quality control is above average that’s why we take a bit longer to create your pieces compare to your average Asian tailor or manufacture
Customer Service
Your business means a lot to us and we believe we wouldn’t exist without our clients. We have a customer service approach to go out of our way, above and beyond.


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High quality custom men’s suit

men's suit

People always admire custom men’s suit. Whatever the occasion is, if you look good, people like to interact with you. So why not to look elegant, smart and professional with our latest 2019 collection of Men’s Suit? With a solid aim to give an opportunity to all our Men’s suit, we’ve established this platform to choose attire of choice to make every occasion—a rememberable one!

From formal events to informal dressing, we offer something to everyone. Every man needs to go-to-suits in his closet, whether you prefer classy look or need more contemporary feel, Mens Church suits are something that offers you unlimited options and fits. Just flaunt in the audience with a high-class and high-cut tuxedo. With a fantastic collection to choose from, we make it sure you’d have many different styles according to your needs and suiting requirements. Now get the perfect three-piece set of Men’s Suit from designers such as Ben Marc International, Giovanna, GMI, Vinci Men, Donna Vinci, Milano Moda and EJ Samuel and many more

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Image Consulting & Custom Tailoring
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Best Custom Tailor 2018 & 2019 Salt Lake City, Utah – USA
European Custom TailorSHOWROOM
Image Consulting & Custom Tailoring
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
GET IN TOUCHSocial links
Best Custom Tailor 2018 & 2019 Salt Lake City, Utah – USA
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